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Topics include The Great Human Experiment: Technology and the Brain, the Latest Research and Findings; Lessons in cheap ray bans Corporate Mindfulness; The Art of connecting and the Importance of Play; The Wisdom of Improv: Buoyancy, Presence, and Joy; Find Your Purpose Today; Yoga in the Digital Age; Conscious Business: How to Build Value Through Values; Social Entrepreneurism; and Authentic Communication in Work: Expressing and Understanding Real Needs. For further in depth and interactive discussions, check out Monday’s optional intensives featuring: Wisdom Children, Family, And Parenting; Wisdom Aging; Wisdom Women; Wisdom Technology; and Wisdom Business Life. Here is Wisdom 2.0’s complete schedule. Sign up for free live stream too.

Without question, technology and all of its advancements has made fake ray bans life a more visual experience too. In today’s marketplace, it’s very relevant to be conscious of the visual message you present. What you wear to a business conference is an opportunity to instantly express yourself, and to effectively communicate your mission and message to others currently in your environment as well as those virtually.
The 5th annual flagship Wisdom 2.0 Conference takes place February, 14th to 17th in dynamic downtown, San Francisco. This is not your traditional sit and listen conference. Wisdom Week brings together a unique mix of business and technology leaders with Zen teachers, neuroscientists and academics to explore the integration of wisdom in modern life and how to find balance, a better bottom line, and more meaning in a hyper connected world.

There will be several one on one interviews, presentations, multiple interactive breakout sessions, yoga and meditation classes, evening parties, and lots of opportunities to connect with people who share your interests.

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